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Music Composition

Composition for 4 acoustic pianos tuned to a 96-tone scale of Just Intonation

(for more information about this scale and my research go to Research/Projects section below)

Composition for gong, synthesizer (Access Virus b), two acoustic pianos tuned to alternative scales,

calabash drum, Tibetan bowls, and didgeridoo.

Yossi Tamim Ensemble - The DiMenna Center for Classical Music (New York)

Composition with improvisation parts influenced by jazz music

Instrumentation: String quartet, electric guitar, upright bass, piano, and drums

ShapeShifter Lab (Brooklyn, New York)

Composition with improvisation parts influenced by the Double to the Allemanda from Bach's Partita No. 1 for Violin in B minor BWV 1002.

Instrumentation: Electric guitar, upright bass, piano, and drums.

Listen through 1:10' - 5:10' (Chart follows at 1:26')

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New Instruments Development

41et Guitar - Video

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Alternative Tuning Systems

41-Tone Scale of Equal Temperament and Color-Code Notation System

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The 41-Tone Scale Harmonized (Chromatic Chord Progression)

A 20 sec' excerpt from "41-Tone Free Improvisation"

RTSMCS (Real-Time Spatial Music Composition System)

Physical Interaction Design inspired by body gestures, and Sound Algorithms Development in Spatial Music

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Virtual Device for Real-Time Modulation of Alternative Tuning Systems

Research in Harmonic and Inharmonic Spectra

Max/MSP patches based on a structured mapping model

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CV, and Academic Writing

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